Random note

Just got my Caseable cover so my dear Kindle can follow me everywhere~

The best: no one, absolutely no one has a clue WHAT I’m reading, haha!
Great “escape” from academic writing :)
I still have to finish the quota for AcWriMo!

My AcWriMo declaration!

It’s AcWriMo.
Going to party one day (I’m meeting a good friend I haven’t seen a year tomorrow!) and after that: write, write, write!

—- If I could write 10 pages per day for 1 month (during AcWriMo)… I could actually finish my thesis before christmas.

Just kidding. Hah~

1. Decide my goal(s)
- Rewrite my thesis abstract until November 4th
- Correct my index/chapters until November 11th
- Write 1 page per day starting November 9th (at least 450 words per day)
- Word count at the end of the month: 11,500 (hopefully more!)

2. Declare it
- Done with this blog post & Tweet

And walking my two dogs every day, while doing all that academic stuff.
I forsee lots of empty chocolate boxes and strong coffee for November.

Weekend Post: How to survive your PhD

My personal weekend thoughts about…

How to survive your PhD?

-Think hard about your topic. You have to live and breathe with it for years without trying to strangle it inside your head.

- Start researching about your future advisor and university at least 6 months before you start with your PhD, try to meet your advisor before you commit to the PhD - after all, he or she will be one of the closest people to you during the three to five years!

- Get a hobby. Seriously. Try photography, knitting, books, poker… whatever to get your mind off the PhD topic to function like a normal human being.
It is important to draw a clear line between your personal and professional life.
If you don’t have an office and use your own room/appartment/dorm I suggest creating a workspace especially for your PhD thesis :)

- Stay healthy and either get a membership at a health club or go out running/walking regularly.
I noticed it while I was writing on my diploma thesis that without proper sports where I sweat buckets you might end up asking yourself “who is this person” before the mirror after a few months ;)

- Be a soldier, create a strict plan and stick to it.
Promise it to yourself and don’t break it.

- One of the promises: Write at least one page day. You can do it - mostly this will result in more than one page.

And now I’m logging out just to do that :D


Wow, woke up at 3 in the morning to catch my flight to London, aced my paper presentation & now it’s almost midnight. Long day!

Blog entry about my London Trip (Korea Symposium) will follow soon!

Experiencing music while writing…

Tackling my paper… and I just remembered that I have a student committee meeting next week and the travel time to my university is about 4 hours…
My precious writing time :<

And I have discovered that I write best -about East Asia- when I listen to Glenn Gould’s Goldberg Variations.
Does this count als multiple personality or what? Multiple brainality?

I tried everything, Europop (!), Pop, Rock, Country, KPop, JPop, CPop, Classical Music.

Me, listening to:
- Europop: I feel like the academic super-hulk and get nothing done.

- Pop: I fall asleep and get nothing done.

- Rock: I imagine myself going all crazy with an air violin guitar and get nothing done.

- Country: I drool over the fantasgasm voices and get nothing done.

- KPop: I understand the language & lyrics, imagine weird stuff, google about idols and get nothing done.

- JPop: Just like in KPop, only that I understand pieces of the language.

- CPop: I think of “Tiger and Dragon” and get nothing done.

- Classical Music: Mozart gets me all hyped up, Beethoven is too emotional (and I feel like superman again), Brahms makes me want to do snow angels on the grass

J.S. Bach:
1) keeps me awake
2) keeps me focused even though I’m writing about pentatonic stuff (I mean focussed on pentatonic works while listening to Bach!)
3) is basically like caffeine free coffe!