Photo Essay: Yeosu Expo 2012 - Big Man Show


Yeosu gave us a stormy and rainy welcome on our first day but nevertheless we decided to ignore the rain and explore the Expo site.

Luckily for us a big street parade was just around the corner.
The Big Man Show featured a giant marionette with a maritime theme.

See the sailors pulling the marionette forwards?

A close up of the marionette.

There were people behind the marionette, organizing and keeping an eye on the construction from above.

A colorful parade followed the giant marionette.

Even though it was raining and stormy, the onlookers and participants were happy and had a great time.

One of the dancers, I can only guess that her costume is related to sea grass.

A maritime version of a Pierrot?

Participants of the parade, with fishes in gold and silver attached to their wheels.

A shark on six legs!

A very cool guy in sunglasses inside the shark ;-)

And the last picture shows dolphins attached to wheels, the last members of the parade!

We were lucky and happy that we got to see this parade on our first day and it gave us some energy to start our Yeosu Tour.